Antique Electronics for Sale in Milpitas, CA

Item is sold as is. The function keys f and g are known to wiggle a little bit on the HP Limited Edition but they function fine. Notice that on the TI-84, the numbers wiggle more than the function keys. This is an RPG calculator. Do not buy it if you do not know how to use it. The HP 15c, back by popular demand, why buy a used calculator when you can get a perfectly new one here. Factory Sealed...
Largest antique radio museum in U.S. sq-ft of display area. Over radios windup phonos RCA Worlds Fair TELEVISION camera Wrigley (chewing gum maker) radio that cost . in extremely rare s Hospix hospital room TELEVISION A.C. Gilbert toys s TVs - school art display s radios made in Huntington rare Nytrola windup phonos made in Charleston beautiful Polphon disc music box military and ham radios lot...
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